Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tough Guys

Right before the baby was born, Dane and Aidan both got haircuts courtesy of the Daddy Barber Shop.  We have a set of clippers, and Brandon cuts the boys' hair about 90% of the time.  Dane has been requesting a mohawk for the past several haircuts, and, knowing how many pictures I would be taking of baby Harper and her big brothers, I didn't let him have one back in March.  I didn't want the mohawk preserved for posterity in several hundred pictures with his baby sister.

Well, last Monday night was haircut time once again.  For Dane, anyway.  And here's what he finally got:
The coveted mohawk.

I'm trying to ignore the fact that these both look like mug shots.  All he needs is the little black and white sign with the prison ID number and a lawyer proclaiming his innocence.
Rest assured, G.G., Dane's hair will grow out and be back to his normal "style" (a term I use very loosely with Dane's hair) within a couple of months.

Aidan didn't need a haircut, but in true Aidan fashion, he was insistent on a mohawk like his big brother.  So Brandon "trimmed" his hair with the longest guard on the clippers, then spiked his hair into a little faux-hawk.  He was very pleased with the result, and his mommy was pleased with his sweet blonde hair staying on his head.  I just wasn't ready for another drastic hair cut for Aidan.
On a completely unrelated note, Pappy stopped by to see us for a few hours Friday afternoon.  What?  Everyone stops by Houston on their way to Austin from Dallas.  Harper is a big Pappy fan because she has found someone who will just hold her for hours on end.
I celebrated Mother's Day today by having chocolate chip cookies for dinner, and Hot Brandon brought me flowers and a People magazine (what can I say, mindless celebrity gossip is one of my love languages).  And I hope your Mother's Day was exactly how you wanted it.


Jana said...

I love Dane's hair!!! I've been trying to muster up the courage to give Zeke his first haircut.

Anonymous said...

I have a dyslexic Mohawk... I call it a Homawk... bald in the middle, hair on the sides.

Anonymous said...

I have a dyslexic Mohawk... I call it a Homawk... bald in the middle, hair on the sides.

Becky said...

I love your blank stare in the background of the pic of the boys together. Now that is a true mommy look.