Sunday, November 7, 2010

Catching Up

I'm a little bit behind on my blogging, I'll try to catch up on a couple of things starting with last weekend.

On Saturday morning Brandon's parents came down to meet Miss Emerson for the first time. We all watched Aidan play soccer together (and by "play soccer", I mean "fall down 17 times in 40 minutes".)

Emerson and Harper spend the two hours at the soccer fields each Saturday morning eating fruit and raisins,
...and someone LOVES her Uncle Izzy!

Emerson warmed up to her grandparents pretty quick,

especially after she realized that GranDoug had a hat he really wanted to share with her. :)

We all came back to our house after the game (did I mention that Brandon was tied up at a youth activity all day? We've gotten into the unfortunate habit of overscheduling our weekends). I got to snuggle with Harper and her cousin Uriah for a bit, then we attempted to get a few more, less cooperative kids in for a picture.

By the way, this kid? Baby Uriah?

He looks exactly like this about 95% of the time, and I could pretty much just hold him and squish him all day long.

Harper found a few minutes to get into something she wasn't supposed to have.

but didn't get in trouble because she's just so cute!

Hopefully I can get caught up on my blogging over the next couple of days!


Anonymous said...

Does Harper honestly believe she can get away with stuff just by giving you that look??? Well she better not try that with her daddy...

Brand al Thor said...

Is it weird to look forward to work every week? Weekends have been brutal this year.

Amber Smith said...

I love all the pictures of your family and the hysterical way you describe the hustle and bustle that is your life. Emerson is so beautiful (they all are) and we really enjoy seeing all her firsts via blog. Those look like so VERY satisfied grandparents :)

Adrienne said...

Love the "mommies and their six children" picture (even if the majority of the children look disinterested)! Miss you guys and excited to see you in a couple of weeks!

Adrienne said...

Okay-- I just noticed Harper giving Uriah a smooch in the background of the picture of Emerson and Grammie! Presh!!