Monday, November 22, 2010

When Mullets Attack...

the moral of the story it goes a little something like this

if you got a mullet well it's a haircut not a fish

and now when you wear your mullet just remember this little fact

see a mullet is business in the front and then a party in the back*

Emerson got her first haircut in the U.S. of A. the other day, and surprise, surprise, she loved the pampering and attention!

She has been sporting a bit of a mullet lately, her hair has been in a very awkward growing-out phase, and I wanted to have the back trimmed up a bit while the sides catch up.

The back is trimmed now, and it's a little "stacked" short-bob number. It's a little shorter than I had in mind. Brandon thinks she looks like an orphan with her short hair, but I think it looks really cute on her.

(Sidenote: One of the ladies that worked at the haircut place was Asian, and she spent several minutes telling me that my daughter didn't look Chinese, she looked Vietnamese instead. I think what she meant to say was, "White lady, your daughter is the cutest kid in all of Asia. Especially when she squishes her nose up to smile.")
I didn't get a great picture of the back, you'll just have to use your imagination!

*do you have any idea how many mullet-related songs are on the ol' internet? Many, my friend. Many a mullet song. This one happens to be Mullet Pride by KJ-52.


Candice said...

Awww I think it's cute! She looks like a little grown-up! :)

Anonymous said...

Vietnamese??? Uh..... No... Not even close...She looks like her Pappy's side of the family...
Didn't you used to have a haircut like that???? Get her some blue Adidas and she'll have the look perfect....

Amber Smith said...

Beautiful girl!