Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Smore Smores Please

I may have mentioned this a time or 12, but I love our church. I mean, really love it. And not just because my husband works there and they pay us. Even if he didn't work there, and had some "normal" job, and we were just a family who went to church, we would still love it. My friends there feel like family, in the best possible way. They are my people, and there's a lot of them.

This past Sunday evening we enjoyed a campfire out at the church property with our friends, and just had the best time. Our kids are at a magical age right now, and it was just the right environment for them.

And our friends had this awesome two-pronged hot dog holder that we borrowed, that was way better than the coat hangers that we left at home.

The boys both did their own thing after scarfing down some hot dogs and Smores. A football game had broken out amongst the boys, and Dane was quick to jump in. Aidan found his "best fwiend Bwian" (actual name: Ryan) and they were thick as thieves the whole night. Harper sat contentedly in her stroller, and us girls enjoyed fellow-shipping around the campfire while Emerson spent approximately two hours eating a single hot dog and a Smores. Girl is a SLOW eater.

(Sidenote: My spell-checker is freaking out over "fellow-shipping". It does not recognize! Cannot compute! Clearly spell-checker did not spend a significant amount of his upbringing at potlucks and devos and baby showers and luncheons.)
Harper was happy as long as we continually supplied her with food. I'm pretty sure she ate about 9 marshmallows that night, and at one point spilled half of a can of Sprite down her shirt.

I cannot describe the disgustingness that was Harper girl and her stroller after the night was over. There may have been some marshmallow in some places.

We had a great time visiting friends, a lot of who had not seen much of Emerson yet. She was her usual charming little self, and made a few fast friends, including this little guy from her Bible class:
A couple of our little kindergarten friends talked to Emerson and me for a bit, and were so cute and interested in how she talked and what words she knew. They had a great time saying "Ni Hao" to each other, and I'm so glad Emerson will grow up knowing so many sweet little friends.

We finished the night off on the hayride, admiring the views of the church property. I snapped this cute picture of Aidan's fwiend Bwian (actual name: Ryan), Aidan, and Emerson, with a tattooed mystery arm making a guest appearance. Aidan and Emerson are pretty good friends.

We had a great night, and I hope we make this a tradition for many years to come!