Friday, August 8, 2008


The other night we were putting the boys to bed and we got a little distracted.  I don't quite know why I love pictures of Brandon reading to the boys so much.  This particular story comes complete with animal noises from everyone involved.  
This is what happens when they realize that Mommy is taking pictures of them:
I call this one "Animal Noises in Black and White"  And Dane is apparently playing air guitar.
Then Brandon took the camera.  Look!  I do exist!  Why some of the only pictures of me on my own blog feature me with no make up and all-day mom hair, is unexplainable.  
So I decided I deserved some Photoshop Botox.
Does anyone know how to Photoshop in some mascara?  Help a girl out.
And if we weren't distracted enough at bedtime, book reading and impromptu picture taking quickly digressed to this:
These children are out of control.  Don't they have parents?  Oh, yeah, they were sitting 3 feet away.  30 minutes past bedtime.

You can't tell from this picture, but Dane's head is planted firmly in the ceiling here.  He jumped a bit too high...
Nighty night.  


BrooksFamily said...

We SOOOO missed seeing you guys while we were down there! We read the very busy spider everynight.....and I'll have to admit Josh's animal sounds are much better than mine ;)

Andrea said...

I love the picture of Aidan jumping off the dresser. He's totally Super Mario jumping to snatch those gold coins.