Tuesday, August 19, 2008

From the Mouth of Dane

Dane's had a busy day today.  I'll start with the sweet stuff that makes mommies proud.  Here was his prayer tonight while we were putting him to bed:

Dear God,
Thank you for this food.  And thank you for our house.  I love my parents, God.  And I love my little brother.  I love our house, and I love my toys.  And I love you, God.  And I believe in you, God.   Amen.

Immediately followed by, "Dad, when I'm five, am I going to have some really cool toys?"

Like, perhaps, throwing spears?

Earlier today, Dane and Aidan embarked on a little adventure. 

Dane:  Mom, me and Aidan are going up to the attic because there is a dead dog up there.  And a dead lion.  But you need to stay down here, because it is going to be freakin' weird.  So just stay down here, okay?

30 minutes later...

Me:  Dane, tell me about the attic.
Dane:  There was a dead lion.  (Rubbing his stomach) But I just ate all the meat off of him and threw his bones in the big trash can.
Keep in mind, my home does not have an attic.  When we were in Kentucky, Dane noticed that my cousin's home we were staying in had one of those pull-down-from-the-ceiling attic accesses with the built in ladder, and Dane was pretty darn interested in what was up there.  

I'm sorry.  

Pretty freakin' interested.  

I don't know why the most bothersome part of this story to me is the fact that we don't have an attic.  I seem to have no qualms about my son inventing dead lions and feasting on their carcasses ala Bear Grylls in Man vs. Wild.


Andrea said...

I love the new family picture at the top, so cute! And it's ok...we don't have an attic either.

The Driskells said...

Love that story!

andy said...

i like that family picture, i want one of those some day soon!