Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bits of Randomness

I have not worked in the last couple of weeks, and my brain has been on a bit of a vacation, hence the sporadic blogging.  A couple of updates for the grandparents:

The boys had their very first dentist appointment with my wonderful dentist.  They did GREAT.  Even Aidan.  Better than I ever would have thought.  They each got to pick out a movie to watch during their cleaning, and they even allowed for xrays to be taken.  Dane was very excited about the bubblegum flavored toothpaste, and marveled at how he could watch a movie and have his teeth brushed at the same time.  He is such the multi-tasker!  When they were done, they each got a goody bag with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and tokens for the goody machine by the check out counter.  Dane wants to go back tomorrow.

Brandon got accepted into graduate school!  He will be doing distance learning at Fuller Theological Seminary, getting his Master of Arts in Global Leadership (or "Master of World Domination", as I have come to call it.)  When he applied, we had no idea how competitive this particular program is.  Apparently, out of a couple hundred applicants, they only take 30-40 per semester.  Hot Brandon is just so smart.  They must have sensed his numerous abilities in the field of World Domination.  He will start soon, and take a 2 week trip out to Pasadena, California in January.  We might get to go with him...we'll see.

The boys start school Thursday of next week.  They don't know this yet.  Perhaps I will tell them on Wednesday.

Aidan's birthday party is Sunday.  Every day this week he has woken up and asked "My birthday party is today?"  He's a little bit excited about all the cake and such.  We are having a house full of kids and family and friends and such, and instead of actually, you know, entertaining everyone, my plan is to stick all the kids in the backyard with a Slip-n-Slide and a bunch of water guns while us grown-ups stay nice and dry inside and have some cokes and such.  

So next week I will bore you with multiple picture-posts from Aidan's party so my brain doesn't have to, you know, think.

My Grandma and my uncle left today for a Cozumel cruise.  Gustav, we ain't skeered.

We found a full-size tube of toothpaste in our couch the other day.  Huh.  Usually it's just change and matchbox cars and one of six TV remotes...I have absolutely no explanation for how it got there.

I hope all my teacher friends are having great first week at school.  I have been thinking of you as I sit at home breaking up Ninja Turtle fights all week.

See you Sunday!  Hopefully after an intellectually stimulating day at work on Saturday!!


The Driskells said...

I love your bits of randomness! Every day life (especially with kids) is hilarious!
: ) Kara

Adrienne said...

Yesterday, my Mom was filling us in on the boys' trip to the dentist-- Uncle Jeremy is so proud of you, Dane and Aidan! I am pretty impressed with your non-pediatric dentist, frankly. I guess futuristic movie-viewing glasses are cool to people of all ages!

Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

lindy said...
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lindy said...

way to go Bran! - andy