Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What We've Really Been Up To

For the last several years, Brandon and I have been talking about adoption.  It was always something we assumed we would do "someday", we just always pictured our family with biological children and adopted children.  "Someday" always seemed way more convenient than "now".  For the last year or two, we have heard God yelling at us a bit louder about the whole adopting thing, but we have ignored it because we are not independently wealthy and have no idea how to pay for it.  The money thing has been a big mental block that I have had trouble seeing around.  

When Brandon got back from Thailand, we decided it was go time.  Time to poop or get off the potty.  Let's quit talking about it and perhaps actually do something about it.  Take the first step and see what God does with our willingness.  Our first instinct was that we wanted to adopt from Thailand.  So Brandon got in touch with some of our missionaries who have previously adopted from Thailand, and got the name of an agency, Holt International, that deals with Thai adoptions.  We filled out a lengthy application, and paid a chunk of change as an application fee, only to learn that they are not accepting any new applications for Thailand at this time.  

Excuse me, what?

But we applied!  

They were, however, accepting applications for their Ethiopian adoption program, which is similar in cost to their Thailand program.  While still overwhelmingly expensive to us, much cheaper than many of the other countries.  So, apparently, we may be adopting a child from Ethiopia in the next several years.  We are prepared for a very long, expensive, unpredictable journey that may or may not result in us actually bringing a child home.  

We are praying that God closes doors that need to be closed, and opens the ones that need to be opened, and shows us exactly what He wants us to do.  We are praying that the money for the adoption is there when it needs to be there, and I am excited to see how God will make that happen, because in my mind that is our biggest obstacle.  (I have a funny story about the word "obstacle" for another time).  We are also praying that God reveal to us "Why Ethiopia", because I have a feeling that the answer is something other than "Because it's cheaper".

We are very, very early in this entire process.  We will be sending in a family picture (which our babysitter will take for us tonight because our last family picture was Christmas of 2006) and our tax returns later this week, and then wait further instruction from the very helpful people at Holt.

Maybe we won't send a new family picture.  Maybe we'll just send this one.  Brandon in his "long hair" phase, me in my "overly blonde" phase, and Aidan in his bald phase.  Don't we look like a normal family?  Doesn't Aidan look thrilled to be in his mother's arms?  Dane's not choking Brandon that hard.  
What do you mean our future child might be better off taking his/her chances in Ethiopia?


Jana said...

I was just thinking how Zeke needed more cousins...I was going to start putting the pressure on John and Brandy...but this works too:)

We are praying for you guys and are excited about this opportunity God has given you.

Anonymous said...

i think babies are great...from any country. but wait, joel would not be the "tan" cousin anymore...huummmm. interesting. anything we can do to help, you got it. bring on ther babies!

Brandy said...

We am so excited for you!! John called me last night and said you have to read Mandy's blog. I could tell in his voice it had to do with a baby.

Janna, Brennan and Lyndlee said...
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Janna, Brennan and Lyndlee said...

HI guys, we are so excited for you & will be praying. We know this can be a long, expensive & emotional rollar coaster but the Lord will work it all out!! Can't wait until you hear about your precious baby waiting for you, that news is so incredible! The Lord bless you & keep you!

Adrienne said...

Woo-hoo! We are (and have been!) praying for you guys and this whole process. Love y'all!

PS: You are such a HOT family-- love the new picture! :o)

Mandy said...

We ARE a hot family.

Becky said...

That's awesome! Let me know what we can do to help. We too are not independently wealthy of any sort, but we can pray and anything else. Good luck!

BrooksFamily said...

sounds awesome! ya'll are covered in prayer and love! adoption rocks...says an adopted child (me ;)

John said...

Y'know, that might work out better for you financially than you might initially think... I saw this lady on TV who said you can feed those Ethiopian kids for less than a dollar a day.