Sunday, August 24, 2008

Guess Who's 3!

My Aidan is 3 today.  Three years ago today I was desperately pushing my "happy button" that shot morphine into my veins and tried to forget about the huge incision in my belly that brought this big-headed chubby screaming baby into my world.  I don't remember much about his birthday, but I definitely remember the look on Dane's face as he met his new brother:
Okay, these pictures may have been taken the day after the birthday, as evidenced by my actually sitting in a chair and not doped on morphine:
Hot Brandon with the new kid:
I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today, as I think back over the last several birthdays Aidan has had.  Here he is in a brief happy moment (Aidan screamed nonstop for the first 2 and a half years of his life) on his first birthday with his little hat that lasted approximately 1.6 seconds on his head.
Checking out the cake, not entirely sure what to do with it:
He figured it out in the end:
By his second birthday last year, he had the cake thing down pat.  He was very excited about his Madagascar cake with all the colorful icing and plastic animal decor.  

We (okay I) am not what you would call "crafty".  (Or "patient" as long as we're being honest.)  No intricate home made cupcake-caterpillars creations for this child.  Oh no.  We are strictly Wal-Mart store bought cakes all the way.  He was 2, and he doesn't know the difference, and he wanted the Madagascar cake.
I miss his curls.  Even if they did look like Sally Hair.
Warning:  this is about to get really disgusting.
Here is my 3 year old today.  The request was for "orange cupcakes", but by the time we got them home he wanted the red one.
He's so grown up.  
Practically an adult.

I'm not sure why he nursed the cupcake the entire time, never actually picking it up.  Or eating the cake part, for that matter.  He was an icing-only man today.
Classy.  Very classy.  And he has the longest tongue I have ever seen on a child.

Does he look like someone from a rock band with that huge tongue and red lips?  Which one?  I'm not exactly up on my rock bands, but I vaguely remember someone with a tongue...

But I guess it would be hard to sing in a band if you didn't have a tongue.

We are doing Aidan's big birthday party next weekend, the one with all the cake and presents and friends and cousins and Slip-n-Slide.


Mandy said...
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andy said...

the last one is definitely the joker from dark knight! he looks so much older than the last time we saw him. Happy Birthday Aidan!

Dana (the Homesteading Housewife) said...

hehehe KISS is the band you speak of. but your guy is sooo much cuter! ;)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Oh my gosh, it is hard to believe that he gets cuter every year!

Shep had curls. Not like those, but curls. I cried when we cut them off. But you can only have folks call your son a girl so many times...