Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Eventful Month

March is going to be a very busy month for our little family.  We have successfully moved back into our house a couple of weeks ago, and save for just a couple more boxes (and the garage, but let's not talk about the garage), we are unpacked and settled in!  The baby's room is painted (thanks to my mom, who took pity on me last week and flew down to help me out for a couple of days), and the last few things have been borrowed or purchased in preparation for her arrival later this month.

Brandon spent the better part of this last weekend working on the Giant Shower Project.  When we unexpectedly remodeled our bathroom, we had a shower put in that is requiring approximately one billion square feet of tile.  So in addition to being ridiculously busy at work this month, he is also trying to complete the GSP.

Why is he ridiculously busy at work this month?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  Here is the short version:  About 3 years ago, our church outgrew the church building and property we had.  Which is a great problem to have!  We moved into a local intermediate school on Sunday mornings and have been meeting there ever since.  We had purchased a big piece of property to build on, and as of March 15th, we will be moving to the new building!  Yay!  For the last 3 years, teams of people at church have been meeting at 7 am to set up "church" at the school, and staying until about 1:30 in the afternoon to tear down.  It will be so nice to finally get into the new building (note:  the "new building" is actually Phase 1 of a 4 phase project, and will eventually be the Youth Building, which helps explain it's very untraditional appearance and layout).  Check out our church website here for pictures of the building and property.  As David (our senior pastor) is fond of saying, "This ain't your grandma's church in east Texas."

So the next several weeks for Brandon at work will be filled with meetings, moving, and last minute tune-ups related to moving 900 people and church offices into a new facility.  In addition to the work he does every week.  And I can't tell you how excited we are to finally be getting into our own building.  It has been a challenging several of years as a homeless church.  Logistical issues such as "where do we have youth program" will not be an issue anymore.  We spent some time yesterday in the new building, and it is so cool.  We are very much anticipating this move, and the boys and I are preparing for several weeks of very long hours for Hot Brandon.

And did I mention I am having a baby this month?  I may need a ride home from the hospital.
Yesterday morning before church, Brandon lost his keys.  He was planning to leave the house at about 6 am because he had a few things to do at the office before church, and then we had a lunch meeting at the new property afterwards.  So he kind of needed all of his keys.  We searched the house for about 45 minutes at a VERY EARLY HOUR looking for the keys.  We looked everywhere--outside, inside, we dug through trash bags, moved furniture, you name it.  It was looking bleak.  I was starting to think that they had been tossed by the landscapers who FINALLY CAME on Saturday to re-sod our front yard.  Off Brandon went to church with my spare key for his car.

Sunday afternoon, we check in with Aidan before his nap:  
"Aidan, did you hide Daddy's keys somewhere?  Where are Daddy's keys hiding?"
"I hid Daddy's keys in the bookshelf behind Daddy's books."

So the little key snatcher runs to our bedroom to one of the two full bookshelves, pulls out two random books, and reveals the missing keys behind them.  He had grabbed them off the adjacent dresser Saturday while "helping" Brandon tile the shower and hid them behind a couple of hardbacks.  We NEVER would have found them.
Conversation at the dinner table last night:

Mom:  Aidan, what did you learn in church this morning?
Aidan:  We learned about Jesus, and he put the mud in his eyes and he could see.  And he spit in the dirt and went in the pool.
Dane:  Aidan, Jesus didn't put the mud in his eyes, he put the mud in the blind man's eyes, then the blind man could see!  But if you're not Jesus, it doesn't really work.

I for one, am very grateful that the Sunday school teacher emphasized that "If you're not Jesus, it doesn't really work", because I could totally see Aidan trying this with the first blind person he meets. 

And in the minds of my boys, a story about spitting in the dirt and putting mud on other people and then swimming, is second only to David and Goliath in terms of coolness.  Because to Dane and Aidan, nothing beats a story about getting to throw rocks at other people.


Adrienne said...

Oh, Aidan...

Once again, I am impressed with Dane's accuracy and knowledge of his Bible facts!

My nephews are awesome! :o)

Anonymous said...

So... Aidan chopped down his father's key tree???