Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Still Here...

I'm still here, and still pregnant.  I'm working on a "before and after" post with a few pictures of our Post-Ike house that I will try to finish for tomorrow.  I have some time for little projects like that since my last day of work was last Friday.  I also have several dates with a few Redbox movies lined up for today and tomorrow.  Because heaven forbid I work on other projects that actually need to be done over the next week or so, like packing and organizing the garage.

I'm still expecting to have my c-section Thursday of next week.  As in T minus 9 days.  My doctor yesterday actually offered to move the c-section up to this week, and I declined.  I think I'm her only "full term" patient who does NOT want to deliver yet.  I am spending a lot of time doing very little, and "trying not to go into labor".  I am a girl who likes a good plan, and despite the laziness and "nesting deficiency" I seem to be experiencing, I don't want to have this baby until a few more little things are done.  Baby's room still isn't done, but I plan to have a few pictures of the cuteness tomorrow.  And the giant shower project should be completed tonight :)  And I still haven't packed my or the baby's hospital bag, and I haven't packed for the several day stay at Cousin Camp and then Camp Pappy that the boys will be going on after the baby's born.  And I haven't hidden the video games to insure that Brandon doesn't bring them to the hospital to play all night while I'm trying to sleep.  (Another story for another time.)

Dane and Aidan went to the dentist this morning for a cleaning.  (No cavities!  It's kind of a miracle, actually.)  They love the dentist.  They watched a movie there, and left with goodie bags complete with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and a sticky rat.  Yes, a sticky rat.  One of those things that when you throw it onto the refrigerator, it sticks there.  I'm not sure how that ties into "dentist visit", but the boys are nonetheless thrilled with the sticky rat.  Dane has flossed his teeth no fewer than 4 times since we've been home (confession:  we're not flossers), and Aidan has not put his new toothbrush down.  Even to eat strawberries and go to the bathroom.  The new toothbrush has not left his hand.

We had our first church services in our new building this past Sunday, and it really could not have gone much more smoothly than it did.  We had a great crowd, and have already filled up our parking lot and some of the children's areas.  We are so fortunate to be a part of a growing, thriving church family.  A few kinks to work out, as expected with a first Sunday in a new facility, but overall it went very very well.  I'm very excited to see how God is going to work through us at this new place.  And if you live in my neck of the woods, come visit our church.  I'll be hard to miss:  I'll be the one who is 8000 months pregnant wearing teal green hospital scrubs because they're the only thing in my closet that fits.  Fortunately, we're not much of a "wear fancy clothes to church" kind of church.  Unless you just want to be fancy.

Hope you're having a great week!  And unless my nesting instinct kicks in tomorrow and I spend the day putting clean laundry away or organizing the garage or something, I should be posting "Before and After" Ike pictures of our house.  And you know it's going to be impressive, since repairs took an entire 5 months to complete.  

Not that I'm bitter about that.