Monday, March 9, 2009

Things I Don't Want to Forget

With a new baby's arrival very near on the horizon, I wanted to document a couple of things about Dane and Aidan that I didn't want to forget about them right now:

Aidan is very passionate about accessories right now.  He loves wearing hats, regardless of how weather-inappropriate they might be.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a cold front and he was getting himself dressed to go play outside.  At one point he had on a knit hat, sweatshirt, pajama shorts, and black sandals.  The outfit gradually transformed as he would go outside and declare certain parts of his body too cold, until he had something reasonable on.  Except for the sandals and hat.  Those both stayed.  Yesterday at church he had on the red hawaiian print shirt I had picked out for him, but then he had paired it with green camo shorts, red knee high soccer socks, and black "skateboarder" shoes.  Running late, into the van he went.  Some fights just aren't worth it, especially with my strong willed child on Sunday mornings.  And most people at our church didn't even bat an eye.  They're used to Aidan.

Dane is very close to reading right now, and can read some things.  He is good at recognizing words he has seen often, as well as most of the typical "sight words" he is supposed to recognize.  Yesterday he was looking through his little Bible story book, and could decipher "Five Thousand People" on his own.  But he still has trouble with the letter "y".

The boys love the baby already.  I don't think they have much concept that she's going to be here very soon (still hoping to make it till March 26th), but they love to come and hug my belly.  Dane does realize that "It's March right now and the baby is coming in March", but I don't know if he understands how soon that is.  Dane also likes to talk to the baby, and if I've recently eaten something, (okay, Thin Mints), he'll put his ear to my belly and say "I can hear the baby sister playing with the cookies in your tummy."

Aidan talks almost nonstop these days, but he is having issues with what I will call "beginning sounds".  I don't know if this is the technical term for it, but he says lots of words without the first sound on them.  For example, Christmas becomes "Witmat" and drink is "wink".  I have noticed that he mostly drops sounds that are consonant-consonant sounds (such as Chr and dr, br, etc), and doesn't have any problems saying the D in Daddy, P in potty, and M in mommy.  So I'm hoping he'll grow out of this.  But it makes understanding him a challenge at times.  Fortunately Dane is around to help translate.

Dane is wearing a shirt today with various Disney characters on the front.  I overheard him telling Aidan who everyone was on his shirt:  
D:  Here's Hercules, and this one is Tarzan, this is Peter Pan, and this guy is Adam.
Me:  Adam?  (turning to see who he is pointing to on his shirt)
D:  Yeah, Adam, like Adam and Eve.
Me:  That's not Adam, that's Alladin.  He has a sword and everything.
D:  Oh. 
I know this should bother me, but I'm not exactly sure why this should bother me.  Because Dane thinks Adam is a Disney character?  Because he thinks Adam had a sword?  Or because he thinks Disney characters were real like Adam was?

I have an ultrasound this afternoon to take a look at the baby sister and see how big she is getting.  Brandon and the boys are both coming, which should be fun.  

Happy Monday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Are you going to make some strawberry jam for your loved ones? You probably have at least 2 weeks.