Saturday, August 8, 2009

Does Ft. Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?

Wednesday afternoon after seeing and doing all there is to see and do in Glen Rose, we took our Chicken Express and high-tailed it outta there. We headed up to Ft. Worth to Brandon's parents' ("Grammy and GranDoug") house to spend the night before heading out for Wichita, Kansas the next morning. It was supposed to be a few hours of peace and relaxation before another long car ride the next day, but alas, it was not to be. Not for me anyway. 

With my sweet nephew Zane a mere hour away hooked up to a ventilator in the PICU and his parents there needing some Mandy Hugs (side note: I'm not the most "touchy feely" person, so Mandy Hugs are a remarkably fast, slightly uncomfortable event for everyone involved.) But there are certain occasions where no amount of patting on the shoulder and encouraging words will substitute for a Mandy Hug, and visiting my 1 year old nephew in the PICU with tubes coming out of everywhere is one of those occasions.  (Sidenote:  Zane is feeling much better and was discharged home this afternoon.  Yay!)

So while I was spending a couple of hours getting behind every idiot driver in the DFW metroplex, Brandon and the kids stayed at Grammy and GranDoug's house and tormented Harper with a grasshopper from the backyard.

I love this outfit of hers with the strawberries and will be a little sad when fall comes and she can't wear it anymore.
After a yummy dinner of steak and potatoes (I'm sure there were other foods there, but what's the point?), the grownups sat at the table for a bit, smiling at Harper, while Aidan snuck out the backdoor and smashed his thumb with a dumbbell.  He ran inside screaming that "something is hurting" cry, blood running down his hand.

After a quick assessment of a nasty purple thumbnail, Brandon proclaimed that Aidan needed an xray stat!  Most of the time with these types of injuries, people have a purple, bruised up nail for a few days, and the nail eventually falls off, but no serious problems.  But apparently, Brandon knows the one guy who actually shattered the bones in his finger smashing it with a dumbbell, so Aidan and I ventured out at 8:3o in the evening to a clinic and had an xray done.  

The highlight of Aidan's evening (who was fine and all but forgot about his thumb once the blood was out of his sight), was getting a big blue dressing on his thumb by one of the sweet pretty nurses.  After she was done wrapping him up, Aidan tiredly laid his head back on the bed and proclaimed, "I almost died!!"  That child is all about the drama.

Harper and Dane enjoyed some quality time with the family while Aidan was recovering from nearly losing his hand in the freak dumbbell accident.

So for those of you keeping track: that's two clinic/hospital visits so far on our family vacation.


Jen said...

I am so glad your nephew is better now! How scary, he is around one right? Mandy that is funny! Those are similar to Drew hugs I think!