Saturday, August 22, 2009


I love going back and looking at pictures of Dane and Aidan when they were babies.  Blue eyes?  Check.  Big round heads?  Check.  Chubby, squeezable cheeks?  Check.

I love Aidan's pink eyebrows (what happens when fair-headed babies scream and cry)  And looking at him and seeing Brandon's clone--from the squinty blue eyes and blonde hair to the long legs.

I love Dane's "sweet potato" nose and constant hamming for the camera.  Every baby picture I have of Dane is smiling, and almost every baby picture I have for Aidan is screaming.  Little did I know how telling that would be...
And Harper?  I'm surprised those sweet cheeks haven't been all kissed off with all the lovin' she gets from her parents and brothers.
We're enjoying our last weekend before school officially starts in our neck of the woods.  Brandon took all three kids to "Meet the Teacher" last night while I was at work and heard a couple noteworthy things including, "Wow!  You sure have your hands full!" (said by about 20 people), and said to Dane's teacher, a very young Ms. G by another parent:  "My daughter reads 50 books.  I'll get you a list.  She is very smart, but she can misbehave if she is bored and not being challenged."  Translate: "My daughter is going to misbehave in your classroom.  And it won't be my fault or her fault.  It will be your fault for not challenging her enough."  As a mother and a nurse, I am fully qualified to interpret the language of I Am Incapable of Taking Responsibility for My Own Actions.

And I am so glad to hear that our national language is being passed on to our future generations.  A language that our blue eyed, round headed, chubby cheeked offspring will not be learning from their parents.


Dana Dill said...

nice...I hear that language often. I'm glad to know that others understand what they are really saying too. :)