Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday, Monday

Greetings from Vacationland!  

After packing up what seems like our entire house and pantry, my little family headed out for Part 1 of our big road trip.  First stop?  Space Center Houston.  Brandon and I really talked this up with Dane and Aidan.  We told them it was a girly place full of hairbows, pink stuff, princess dresses and baby dolls, and that they needed to wear their Star Wars shirts to get in.  Oddly enough, they didn't question any of this.  What they didn't know, was that Space Center is hosting a big George Lucas (of Indiana Jones and Star Wars fame) exhibit.  George Lucas is highly regarded as a creative genius at our house, so this was a real treat for the boys.

Something else was on display at the Space Center today:

Harper's tummy!

There was an Indiana Jones obstacle course that Dane was barely just tall enough to go on.  It had him in a harness hooked to a rope above him while walking across various very small things, like planks and ropes and such.  A bit too scary for my big boy, as it turns out.  Dane required a blue-suited escort across the planks, and ended up taking the chicken stairs down to the floor midway through the obstacle course.  

Maybe next year, Dane-o!
Aidan enjoyed the "land the shuttle" game...
A good time was had by all until all the other people showed up just after lunch time.  Brandon and I are not big fans of huge crowds, no matter how fun something is.  We left after about 3 hours at the Space Center, having seen and done just about everything our kids would see and do.  Onto the next big road trip stop!


BrooksFamily said...

That's awesome! So who had more fun...Brandon or the boys :) Josh would have been all about that!!