Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday, Monday Part 2

Family vacation continues!

Monday, after a jaunt to the Space Center Houston, we headed down to Galveston for Day 1 Phase 2.

After swimming in the hotel pool for a bit (a must-do activity for my boys), we went to go find something yummy to eat in Galveston and ended up at a restaurant whose sign advertised "We Don't Speak Very Good English, But Our Pizza is Great".  While "great" may be pushing it, the pizza was pretty tasty.  By this point in the day, Aidan had worn himself out enough to fall asleep while sitting straight up in his chair at the restaurant, pizza crust still in hand.  

After dinner, the only thing left on the agenda was a quick trip to the beach.  We got there at just the right time:  the temperature was dropping, it wasn't too sunny but not yet getting too dark, and the crowds were thinning.  Brandon and I aren't fans of spending lots of time in 100 degree temperatures, even when there's water involved.

I know it doesn't look like it from these pictures, but Miss Harper really liked the beach.  She loved splashing her feet in the water, and even tolerated a bit of splashing by her brothers.  Harper was very easy going during this whole very busy day.  I don't think she cried a single time.

Dane and Aidan enjoyed splashing in the waves with their daddy, and Aidan rolled around in the sand for a bit before climbing into my van to go back to the hotel.  I haven't decided yet if our little trip to the beach was worth the huge mess it made all over us and everything we touched the rest of the night.
And I think these two guys are related:
Stay tuned for the next installment of the Vacation Chronicles later this week.

And my apologies to all of you for having to look at someone else's vacation pictures.  But I have to document this trip for future reference when my children accuse us of never taking them anywhere fun.

On a completely different note, please say a prayer for my 1 year old nephew, Zane.  He has been running a fever for a couple of days, and my brother and his wife Brandy took him to the ER this morning for croup.  After being transfered to another hospital, he is now intubated in the PICU and expected to fully recover.  He had a bronchoscopy done earlier today, and has an infection and a very inflamed airway.  He will probably stay on the ventilator for the next couple of days.  Say a prayer for his mommy and daddy, too.  It's so scary when you're baby's sick:  I remember how nervous Brandon and I were when Dane had tubes put in his ears, and that's nothing.  Hope you feel better soon sweet baby Zane!


The Driskells said...

All the mess and hassle was definitely worth it to get those cute pictures of your kids and Brandon in the sand! Keepsake quality!
I'll be praying for Zane too!
: )

Jenni Carnes said...

Is that a white fish on the back of Brandon's leg??? Praying for baby Zane! Have a ball on the rest of your vaca!

Mandy said...

Jenni, I'll start wearing booty shorts so I can get a higher tan...thanks for the motivation! Hope Jeremi enjoys my new workout short-shorts!
- Brandon