Friday, July 16, 2010


I have a bit of writer's block lately, hence the lack of blogging. And July has proved to be quite a bit more boring than June was for our little family, so I'm somewhat lacking in the "cute pictures of my kids doing summery-stuff" category too. July has been about survival mode, with lots of working, Brandon being out of town half of the month, and just trying to get through each day with my sanity intact.

Brandon and I made it out of the house for a couple of hours last night for a date night, and decided that in August we are going to take a few days for our version of a family vacation this year. What does a family vacation look like when one is enjoying the glamorous lifestyle of international adoption? It will involve a few hours at the beach in Galveston, and a trip to Brenham for a tour of the Blue Bell Factory, and we're still piecing together the rest. Probably a night or two in a hotel with a pool, since that is the highlight of any out of town trip for our boys. I'd love suggestions on what else is fun to do (on a tight budget) not too far away from the Houston area. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I hear Hotel MoMo is nice this time of year... Bring your own pool though. The GG Inn should also be available.. They can swim in Barton Springs.. They could even attack the Alamo from there..

Emily said...

This website was on TV the other day; there are also discount coupons on the main website.

Heidi said...

Dude. If you do visit GG Inn give us a ring. We'll brave barton spring with yous for sure.