Monday, July 5, 2010

Swim Team 2010

I've been saving all of the pictures from Swim Team 2010 for one big post so here goes. For those of you who have no desire to see my son in skin-tight swim jammers, consider yourself warned. For those of you who do have a desire to see my son in skin-tight swim jammers, please go to another site. And ewww.

Our swim team participated in its' last swim meet of the season several weeks ago. I didn't mind swim team too much. It's the cheapest way in the world for my kids to learn how to swim, and because of work, I only made it to three meets this year. Other than all the heat and humidity and constant sweating and having to watch other kids swim and the constant sweating, it's not a bad way to spend 4 hours on a Saturday morning. We get to hang out with our kids and an ever-expanding group of friends from church who have joined the team. Dane has loved swimming in "the races" on Saturday mornings.:
He mastered the backstroke this year. And by "mastered", I mean he floats on his back and kicks as fast as he can, hands by his side. He knows he's reached the end of the pool when his head bonks the wall. He's come in first place several times with his arms-free backstroke.
He's still in the process of mastering the "graceful dive":

Aidan loved going to swim practices every day and using a kickboard to kick his way across the pool, but he's going to need another year under his belt before he will successfully make it across the pool without a coach.

On afternoons post-swim meets when we're not at a "World Cup Watching Party" (I was so into the game), the kids come home happy and tired from spending four hours outside with all the sweating. Aidan's actually been taking the occasional afternoon nap after long swim days.
Last week in the midst of Cousin Camp 2010, the boys and I went on a date to the Swim Team Banquet. They wore new shirts, I took a shower, and off we went to eat some Mexican food and retrieve Dane's trophy. We sat at a table full of friends, and all in all, it was not a bad way to spend an evening. At one point after dinner, the President of the Swim Team Board had us vote "yay" or "nay" on next year's board officers. There were about 200 people in the room, and I had a sudden urge to be the lone voice who piped up with "NAY!" when voting. I restrained, and later regretted the missed opportunity. Not that I have strong feelings about who is on the Swim Team Board next year. I don't have many chances for a yay/nay vote, and I may institute this type of decision making for routine household chores. "Those who think Brandon should check the mail, say yay. Those opposed, nay."

My two handsome dates:
Fortunately, Aidan did not leave empty handed. He wore his medal around his neck with pride, and only took it off at bedtime because his mother was concerned about a possible choking hazard.
I'm acutely aware looking at the above picture that Aidan is quickly catching up to his big brother.
See you April 2011, swim team, and we may just have another swimmer for the 6 and under crew!