Friday, July 30, 2010

You've Got Mail

A week or so ago a package came in the mail, addressed to my Aidan. My Aidan doesn't receive much mail, as most of his friends are still learning to write their name.

So imagine his delight to learn that he got a PACKAGE in the mail from his AUNT DEB in KENTUCKY!! Now imagine Aidan screaming that sentence in a tone and a pitch that only Aidan can scream.

Aidan, what was in the package?

It's a golf ball! It's the golf ball that Pappy gave me when we went golfin' in Kentucky!!

I liked going golfin'. When you go golfin' you can get a Sprite or maybe a Gatorade for just a quarter. And a dollar.

Aidan, we'll have to send a thank you note to Aunt Deb for finding the golf ball you left in Kentucky.

I need to send her something too!!

What are you going to send her?

I'm going to send Aunt Deb one of my soccer trophies!!

Ummm, how about a picture of you and Dane on the golf cart instead?

Okay, Mom.

Thanks, Aunt Deb for finding his golf ball! It was the highlight of his week!


Anonymous said...

I hope you join a country club so he can pursue his interest in golf.... Seems like a natural...

Aunt Deb said...

Glad he got a kick out of the package. The pictures are really cute. Please tell Aiden thanks for the picture he sent me.