Monday, July 26, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

July. July. It has flown by.

I have decided that all of my blog posts will rhyme from now on. Or perhaps be haikus.

Moving on...

I'm trying to get back in a bloggy habit, just so I can remember things for later. Earlier this month Brandon was out of town, and my mom came down to help out for a few days so I could work a few days. Then my dad flew down to mow my grass and change the oil and fix the handle on the toilet that's been broken for about 6 months. That may not have been the exact reason he flew down, it may have had something to do with my grandmother being in town instead, but he managed to make good use of his time while I was at work on Friday of that week. My mom repainted the downstairs bathroom for me, since I have been talking about my loathing for its seafoam green walls since we moved back in about a year and a half ago.

Apparently Brandon and I have a tendency to procrastinate home repairs and redecorating projects. And despite all evidence to the contrary, I did not ask my friend Handy Matthew to come over and install the "new" bathroom light fixture that we have had sitting in our garage since before Harper was born, in exchange for potato casserole. I would never barter simple home repairs in exchange for warm cheesy carbohydrate goodness.

That particular Saturday morning found a random assortment of my extended family congregating at my aunt and uncle's house for a quick breakfast before my cousin Gretchen flew to Brazil. And yes, that makes total sense.

Since you asked, Brandon was out of town, so my mom was in town. Then my cousin Gretchen came in with her parents and brother because she was flying out of Houston to go to an aerospace engineering class in Brazil for a few weeks (of course). My sassy grandmother decided to come to town to see her off. My dad decided to win a few "good son points" and flew down to visit my grandmother and get my oil changed. My other cousin Dana was in town from Kentucky with her son Asher, but her mom was out of town. And my cousin Jana and her family have been at her parents' house since their house sold because they're moving to Tulsa next month. Her husband Jared has a PhD in neuropsychology, and I'm pretty sure there was enough pathology in that house for breakfast to fill a journal or two. My Aunt Carol and Uncle Tom were there because they live here. We used to live with them post-Ike back in our homeless and pregnant days. I left the boys at home with my mom, because a mucus-covered alien has taken up residence in Aidan's nose and was determined to GET OUT.

My family is completely normal, and sometimes we gather together for bagels and eggs before sending one of our own to continue her education in Brazil, where they don't speak Russian, which is too bad for Gretchen because that is her second language.

And now, a few random pictures from breakfast:

Jared looking on as Zeke, Silas, and Asher play at the little green desk.
Harper (probably) stealing the cute little cash register away from Asher.
My cousin Dana with Asher. Asher is 3 months older than Harper.
My cousin Jana with Silas, who will be one in September. Another one of Harper's buddies.
Uncle Phil and Harper
Harper rejecting a room full of toys in favor of the Maglite and magnifying glass.
My Aunt Mary, getting a dental exam from Harper
And Jared, Harper's new BFF
She's a pretty big Jared Fan
Saying goodbye to Silas...
Breakfast was great, the company was even better. I enjoyed spending a few hours with some of my favorite people.


Dana Dill said...

Great post! I'm stealing some of these pics because all of mine turned out fuzzy and ghostlike. :)

Anonymous said...

Obviously Dana's father doesn't love her enough to buy her a Canon Rebel..... I guess that is the difference between a father and a daddy.... I bet Jana gets one..