Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cousin Camp 2010: An Illustrated Guide Part 2

Cousin Camp 2010 continued for four days last week, only to end abruptly on Friday with Aidan vomiting donut holes all over Aunt Val and Uncle Izzy's house.

But let's pick up where we left off, shall we?

Step 12: Take everyone to see Toy Story 3. Discreetly cry in theater, thinking of the day when the little people sitting next to you will leave forever. Aidan confirms his fear of pink bears. Harper eats 4 pieces of popcorn from the floor of the theater lobby while walking around with mommy instead of screaming in the theater. Mommy needs faster hands.
Pose for pictures with the "good hair" sisters, and vow not to make Crazy Eyes at the camera anymore.

Step 13: Take all children to CiCi's Pizza, and have the brilliant idea to sit in the giant corner booth, which, unbeknownst to us at the time, was really a giant wrestling ring.

(Note: I've edited probably 40 pictures from Cousin Camp, and have realized that Aidan just does not like to smile at the camera. And Dane likes to pose for every. single. picture. I have very few "Aidan looking normal" pictures, and tons of pictures of Dane smiling or posing for me. Hence Aidan's bee-hind in this picture.)

Step 14: Add water. Again. Mix well.

Step 15: Talk Aunt Val into making calzone "for the children".

Step 16: Bake cookies. Have the nerve to leave them on a cooling sheet on the counter top where little hands can reach them. Bake more cookies.

Step 17: Take cute pictures of baby Uriah with his biggest cousin

and try to keep Harper from squishing him:

Step 18: Dream the impossible dream... take the impossible picture...
...and wonder why our children never wear shirts.

Step 19: Show off massive underbite, and plead to Uncle Jeremy to pretty please become an orthodontist. Pretty please?

Step 20: Contemplate why blogger must mysteriously underline texts. Enjoy a rare moment of peace when Dane reads to his little cousins before bedtime.

Cousin Camp 2010 was a success (minus All The Vomiting), and I think I can safely say that we CAN'T WAIT for Cousin Camp 2011. Three big boys, two big girls, one little Uriah, and lots of fun.

And one mommy who is definitely going to need a nap or 50 between now and then.


Valerie said...

Recipe for disaster? Nope, FUN! Thanks for the pics, I love them. Thanks also for the good hair nod. I would like a copy of the three of us & the best of the cousin pics, please. You can email me.

Anonymous said...

Cheddar in calzone???? I just hope your mother doesn't find out...

Adrienne said...

These are great, Mandy! I am "borrowing" a couple of your shots for the Facebook album I will post later today. :)