Monday, March 10, 2008

Letter to Dane's Future Kindergarten Teacher

Dear Mrs. So and So,

I am writing this a year and a half in advance so you have plenty of time to prepare. I am Mandy, Dane's mother. I will be the one in my car in my pajamas dropping him off late and sometimes forgetting to send him with lunch. Please take this wad of cash and use it to cover his lunches for him so he doesn't starve this year. Also, sometimes his father will be getting him dressed in the morning, so please excuse the constant soccer uniforms and weather-inappropriate clothing. Here is a coat, please keep it next to the wad of cash because Brandon will never send him to school with a coat, no matter how cold it is outside.

Please don't ask me to be a "room mom". I am not good at things like decorating cupcakes and planning Valentine's Day parties and remembering other childrens' names. I'm doing good to remember your name. We are also terrible at cute projects that my children are supposed to do at home that will eventually be put on a bulletin board somewhere. One night (I don't know, maybe it was tonight) I remembered at 8:00 pm (aka bedtime), that a boot was due (decorated) the next morning. I'm sure the intention was to have a bunch of cute little boots with "western theme" in honor of the Houston Rodeo to put on a bulletin board surrounded with cute little bandana-print ric-rac. I'm sure, after seeing this boot, that you wish your bulletin board had a "back". What, don't other kids have Ninja Turtles and glitter paint on their boots?When it comes time to sign up to bring things to the aforementioned Valentine's Day parties and such, I can usually be counted on to sign up for the easy stuff, like plates, due to my profound inability to decorate cupcakes. I also don't do creative "mom" things like make handmade holiday cards with thumbprints on them to hand out to Dane's classmates.

However, if you ever need someone to demonstrate how to use the defibrillator or the correct method of putting tube in your nose that reaches all the way to your stomach, I'm your girl.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


Dane's Mommy

Not to be left out, here's what Aidan's been up to the last several days:


Brandy said...

I love the letter!!

BrooksFamily said...

Love it! Your blog does wonders to make me feel better! This part of motherhood has been so hard for me (not due to Stephanie, but do to my broken body) reading your blog and thinking about when we are at that stage :) Can't wait to see ya'll this summer!