Friday, March 28, 2008

Cousin Pictures

Seriously.  They have other clothes.  Really, they do.  Here is a sampling of the cousin pictures we had taken at Target last Friday.  (This is where you oooh and aaah over my technical prowess and abilities to get a picture from a website, onto a disc, then to my hard drive, and finally to my blog.  With only one "help me" call to my brother.)  Target has great coupons where you can get about 40 or so prints for $7.99, as long as you just select one pose to buy.  Such a deal.  If you are in any way related to Dane, Aidan, and Joel, you can be probably be expecting these pictures to be coming your way next month.  So enjoy.

This is the picture we ended up buying:
Here's about what the rest of the pictures ended up looking like:
Sorry for the short post, I have to go figure out what to do with 15 pounds of strawberries before they go bad.  I think that will be tomorrow's post.  Have a great weekend.


BrooksFamily said...

Thanks! Now I have updates pics for our mantle :) Love these boys!! The cuttest cousins in Texas :)