Monday, March 17, 2008

Wedding Weekend #2

This past Saturday night we went to our second wedding (supposed to have been our third...) of the year. Thank you Miss Melissa for watching the boys at home! It was a beautiful wedding and a very nice reception. Brandon even wore a tie. And look! It matched my shirt.

A couple of things I learned on Saturday night:
--Brandon and I are just not "party all night" people. It was 10pm and we were falling asleep in our champagne toast. We actually had to leave a wedding before getting cake. Very sad. (On a side note, the groom's cake was a replica of the Aggie Bonfire. I'm not an Aggie, but it was a very cool looking cake.)
--I really like the idea of champagne (Look! It's pretty and sparkly and bubbly!) But why must it taste like alcohol?
--If the best man is talking much too much during his toast, the DJ will play under him, not unlike at the Oscars when the orchestra tries to cut off the long-winded acceptance speeches.
--WalMart and Kroger do not have white posterboard at 10:30 on Saturday nights.
--My babysitter will be able to convince my children to sleep in pajamas, when I can only ever get them in underwear and a diaper.

We did get a chance to hang out with some of our favorite people (and the subject of "Wedding Weekend #4" coming in July), Jenni and Jeremi. It was so nice to chat without getting interrupted by children screaming and tattling. This picture is funny because there is copious amounts of alcohol in front of us, and I'm pretty sure only one drink was had between all 4 of us. But it looks like the Youth Minister and Worship Minister were gettin' tooted up.

Thank you Laura and Laney and families for sharing this special day with us. We had a great time!