Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hostess with the Mostess

Brandon and I are not coffee drinkers. We are "English toffee flavored cappuccino from Valero" drinkers, but not "Automatic timer on my coffee pot so it's ready before I'm awake" coffee drinkers.

Approximately 8 years ago, a giddy couple is registering for wedding gifts. They spy a little 4-cup coffee maker that would be perfect for when the parents are visiting for the weekend. They recieve said coffee pot as a wedding gift.

1-8 years later, the still-giddy couple still has no idea how to use the coffee maker. Whenever the parents or any other form of company is over, they have to make their own coffee. It took us an entire year to figure out that you have to buy filters to put in a coffee maker to get it to work properly. Sometimes I have a group of ladies over to the house, and there is always someone who knows how to work this thing. I keep some sugar in a little container in the pantry that I pull out when my coffee drinkers are over, because aren't you supposed to offer sugar with coffee? Lots of people like sugar in their coffee.

Tonight: I am in the kitchen preparing my little bowl of freshly picked strawberries for dessert, and decide that since it is dessert, I will even sprikle some sugar on my already-sweet strawberries. Out comes the special coffee-sugar in the container in the pantry. Yum yum.

It's salt. Not sugar. Salt.

I'm sorry to anyone who has ever been served coffee at my house before. Now I know why my dad always goes to the gas station on the corner for his morning brew when he stays over.


Rebecca said...

That's hilarious. Thankfully I drink it black. I missed out on the "good stuff" when I was there.

Adrienne said...

Ha ha ha...really, I should have seen this coming since the last time I tried to make coffee in your pot there was a used filter inside of it. Remember THAT?! Yum-O. :o) See you tomorrow (weather permitting!).