Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break

I remember during my school days the excitement that always led up to Spring Break every year. What were we going to do? Where were we going to go? Are we staying in town? Going to see family? Going on a trip with friends? In college, the decisions became even more fun. Which mission trip were you going on? Are you going home for the week? On a fun vacation? To the beach?

I was a couple of years out of college when I made the realization that there was No Spring Break For Grown-Ups. There was no week off work, no scheduled vacation. There's no sleeping in, no trip to Grandma's house or going to the beach. For Brandon, there will always be Spring Break Mission Trip. But until the kids are old enough to subject the youth group to a road trip with Dane and Aidan, I'm left to my own devices on Spring Break.

So what are we doing?

Dane and Aidan went to "Camp Pappy" for a few days, where, as I understand it, they spent the greater part of one afternoon crawling back and forth through a big yucky drainage pipe underneath my parents' driveway. (It's a big drainage pipe, people, not a Baby Jessica situation. If you can't remember Baby Jessica, just stop reading.) Another big highlight of the week for them was, as always, hanging out with their Aunt Lindy and their Not-Quite-Uncle Andy (whose name I've just decided to shorten to NQUA). Pictures of Camp Pappy will be coming soon. By the way, if anyone knows how to work an Apple computer, please call me. I'm completely intimidated. Aidan also caught his first catfish, and Dane has spent the week lying to my parents. He's only 4. I did not start lying to my parents until I was 6. At least.

And what did I spend my luxurious 3 child (and husband) free days doing? Eating Bon-Bons and watching Law & Order? Being productive and doing little projects around the house? Having pedicures and lunching with the ladies? Nope. Hanging out at the ER. Which, by the way, is kind of a fun way to spend a Spring Break. People are extra stupid this week. Just a tip for my readers out there: It you park your new big truck in front of a store with big glass windows, please make sure your big truck is shifted firmly into park. If you maybe did leave your big truck in gear, do not stand between the truck and the big glass window. If you do, promptly GET OUT OF THE WAY, instead of trying to stop the big truck from hitting the window. Otherwise, your temporal artery might get lacerated by a big sheet of glass, spewing blood like a geyser all over a trauma room full of people. (By the way, the temporal artery is in your head, which ups the cool factor and the gross factor of this trauma considerably.) But your truck? Your truck will be fine.

It's not an Acute MI, but it'll do.

So cool.

I love my job.

So what did you do over Spring Break?


John said...

Your brother has an Apple computer. I can actually join you in a chat and take over your computer to show you things if you're ever interested :)

I know... scary.