Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter from the Easter Bunny

Happy (belated) Easter!  I'm a bit late posting pics this week, sorry.  (It takes me over an hour to put this many pictures on my blog...a bit frustrating.)  Before you think that these blue striped shirts are the only shirts they own, let me assure you that these are simply their Easter shirts.  They had them on Friday for the Target pictures with Joel, so we have a lot of pics of them wearing them.  Sometimes we let them change clothes.

We had a great Easter, the boys got Easter baskets after nap time and had an egg hunt in the backyard.  Brandon picked Easter 2008 to inform our 4 year old that the Easter Bunny does not exist.  We have not mentioned much about the Easter Bunny this year anyway, because we have tried to emphasize the "meaning of Easter".  We simply told the boys that there would be Easter baskets and egg hunts after nap time.  Dane has never questioned the origin of the goodies.  But now that he knows, I'm sure he will waste no time educating his classmates and playgroup buddies all about the deception that happens every year on Easter Sunday.  Great.  As you can see from these pictures, Dane was absolutely devastated by the news.  Turns out, he doesn't really care who supplies the candy-stuffed eggs, bubbles, and Frisbees, as long his basket is filled faithfully every Easter Sunday.

I, too, learned a couple of things myself this Easter:
1.  When Dane is involved, egg hunting is a competitive sport.
2.  Sticky worms that I paid $1 for 10 of, are a bigger hit than new Spiderman sandals in the Easter basket.  (By the way, the worms stick on the ceiling if you throw them high enough.)
3.  Aidan throws a Frisbee better than Brandon (okay, maybe not better, but he is weirdly good at it for a 2 year old).

On another note, Happy Birthday Mom!  I am also 30 today.  30 years ago my mother had the most painful birthday on the planet.  Sorry about that, Mom.  My parents have a child who is 30.  This makes them significantly older than they were just yesterday.  I will spend this milestone birthday playing at the park with my boys and some friends, and then tonight the Dane and Aidan are staying home with a sitter while me and Brandon enjoy a birthday dinner at Carrabba's.  Life is good.


Jack Smith said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful b-day. I love the pics, keep them coming! Enjoy Carrabba's. It's Fran & my favorite Italian place too.

Really looking forward to seeing you and the boys in May. Hopefully we will be able to give them a really good KY education! ;) HAHAHAHA

Mandy said...

Hey Jack! You found me! The boys can't wait to go to Kentucky and see everyone!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you rock! love the easter pics of the boys...we tried a hunt that lasted, oh, 3 seconds. maybe next year! love you!