Thursday, April 24, 2008

Aidan and the Air Compressor

Hey, Andy!  Whatcha doin'?  Oh, you're building the new shelves for Mommy?  Wow!  They look awesome!  Thank you so much for making the new shelves for us.  We are so excited about having somewhere new to put all of our toys.  Sometimes my Pappy builds shelves, but it's pretty cool to have an architect build them!  What do you have in your hand?
That looks like fun!  An air compressor, you say?  Is that like a vacuum cleaner?  Sometimes my Daddy vacuums my hair and makes me look like a Who from Whoville.  But this air compressor feels like just the opposite of the vacuum cleaner.

Can I try?  I'm very responsible for a 2 year old and I promise not to point it directly into my eyes and blind myself.  I'll just point it at you and laugh gleefully.
Mwaaaahaaahaaaaa!!  We love coming to MoMo and Pappy's house to see Andy!  WHAT?  What do you mean you're not going to be living here forever?  Who are we supposed to wake up at the crack of dawn now?  Who are we supposed to watch Ninja Turtles with?  Will you leave your toys here for us to play with?  You're the best NQUA* we've ever had!
*NQUA=Not Quite Uncle Andy


Anonymous said...

Hi Louie...Love PAPPY

Brenda said...

Good post.