Sunday, April 13, 2008


Remember these?  Dane and Aidan went to a birthday party Saturday morning, and got the best goodie bags ever!!  The boys got their first Whoopie cushoins (or "toot makers" if you ask Dane) and Lick-A-Stix, along with an assortment of other toys in the baggies.  It was an especially big day for Aidan.  The party was in the morning, so before lunch, Aidan had cake, ice cream, real coke from a can, and Lick-A-Stix.  

Don't worry, we fed them an all-vegetable dinner to make up for it.

Oh, I kid.  I think they had chicken nuggets.
Apparently, the Lick-A-Stix people have been hard at work coming up with new flavors of colored sugar.  This particular flavor is "Looks Blue, but Stains Your Face and Hands Green 'Till Sunday Morning".  This flavor is also available as a yogurt at the TCBY near our house, only they call it "Razzleberry".

What color is a Razzleberry, anyway?

Aidan also got his second haircut ever on Friday.  We think it's very manly and not at all like my mother's hair.


andy said...

aidan is awesome

Brand al Thor said...

Razzleberry will stain anything - skin, clothing, fire hardened steel...permanently!

Anonymous said...

aidan is hilarious and gorgeous...ahhh, sweet little permantly stained Aidan...