Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This Child

...looks so sweet when he's playing with his bubbles.
...talks nonstop
...loves his big brother
...puts on chap stick and calls it "makeup"
...will only wear his fake-Croc shoes
...is almost completely potty-trained :)
...is full of drama
...has some seriously long and skinny legs that he must have gotten from his Mommy
...will cost us a fortune in orthodontics someday
...no longer screams nonstop like he did when he was a baby
...is a big boy now.
And he fills the toilet with ducks, turtles, lobsters, and rectal thermometers while his mommy is watching The Greatest Show on Television (aka Law and Order).
What a punk.


keri said...

Lovin' the cheeks in the top photo! Sweet Aidan.

velvet said...

THANK YOU! You make me feel normal -- I love it!

Anonymous said...

Aidan rules!