Friday, April 25, 2008

Another Picture Post

I know there have been an overabundance of picture posts lately.  My favorite brother just equipped my little Mac with big Photoshop, and I've been trying it out.  I promise there might be an actual post with content coming soon...

Maybe next week.

We have spent the last couple of days at my parents house, and meeting Baby Zane (so cute), and, as usual, the boys have had way too much fun at their grandparents' house.  

When we're at home, the boys like to have granola bars, or cereal, or fruit when they wake up in the morning.  Sometimes at my parents' house, they get the cereal that comes in the little individual-size boxes for a special treat.  Or pancakes.  And sometimes bacon, if Pappy is making beans.
Here's what Dane and Aidan had for breakfast yesterday, courtesy of Pappy:
Yes, it is a giant trash bag full of various kinds of Hershey kisses.  What, doesn't everyone have that in their laundry room?

Aidan continued with the fun a few hours later, when he tried out some of Andy's cough drops.  One found its' way to his curls:
He looks so distraught by it, doesn't he?  I think he was still on his Hershey-kisses sugar high when this picture was taken.

As usual, Andy was a highlight of the trip for the boys.  I think they all three look pretty comfortable.  Andy was really enjoying watching Dora.
We also got to meet Baby Zane for the first time this week.  He is super-cute, and very snuggly.  He was a good sport and put up with a lot from his older cousins.  They were a little disappointed that he was not up to wrestling quite yet, and Dane was quick to inform Zane that "Joel is a lot bigger than you."
Here is Baby Zane meeting his cool Aunt Mandy for the first time.  Aidan was fascinated with the smallness of Zane's feet, and put his shoes on the baby right after this picture was taken.
More pictures of the cousins:

Brandon met Zane last night.  I can see the wheels turning in Brandon's head now...Don't even think about it, big guy.  I've almost stopped buying diapers completely for the first time in 4 1/2 years.  I finally don't have to pack a giant bag of diapers, clothes, bottles, and toys just to go to Wal Mart.  And I'm thoroughly enjoying actually sleeping at night.  See this baby?  He's not yours.  Enjoy him as much as you want, then give him back to his parents for the stinky diaper changes.

But there are few sights more precious than my hot husband holding a teeny tiny baby.

Especially when it's someone else's. :)


Rebecca said...

I agree no more. You would have to be crazy to have 3 like me. Personally I like the picture posts.