Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trivial Pursuit with a Bunch of Smarty Pants

A word to the rise:  Do not ever play Trivial Pursuit against my father-in-law.  Or his brother.  Those men know a crazy amount of virtually useless knowledge and they're not afraid to use it.  Not only did they know about 90% of the questions asked in Trivial Pursuit, they also knew the situations and background related to the question involved.  Frightening.

We spent a couple of days with my in-laws and assorted family members this past weekend, and we ladies showed just how little we know about pre-1982 Entertainment and Geography.  It was pretty pathetic.  There was rarely a question asked that the gentlemen did not have a correct answer to.  

We played boys vs. ladies, and it was real ugly.  It didn't help matters much that they were getting crazy-easy questions that even I knew the answers to (answers like "fallopian tube").  They even got random teeth questions for my brother-in-law, who just happens to be in DENTAL SCHOOL.  Meanwhile, we were getting an overabundance of baseball questions relating to the 1920s.  

And that's just right up my alley.

One of the highlights of the evening, was when the guys had to guess what a man who has "gynophobia" (I'm not making this up) is afraid of.  It's not what you think.  Or what they thought.  

Put the dictionary away, John.

On a brighter note, it's obvious to me who wins the "Who Can Pick A Smarter Spouse" Contest.  


The boys got to play with their cousin, Joel (who Dane accurately described as "a lot bigger than baby Zane").  We got to all meet sweetie-pie baby Stephanie on Saturday when she and her mommy dropped by to play.  Dane spent the better part of Saturday afternoon digging up his grandparents' grass on a weekend-long quest for bugs.  I think he found a few snails and a spider or two.

They also frolicked in the back yard whilst blowing bubbles in matching shirts.  What?  They always do that.

I'm still learning my new Photoshop, and I know these pictures are too bright.  But now they're on the blog, and I do not possess infinite amounts of patience, so they will just have to be too bright for now.  Sorry.

I like this shot of Joel and Aidan...Aidan's not so sure he wants to share his bubbles with the little guy.

Check out Joel's mohawk.  Add 15 years, a facial piercing and a pasty girlfriend, and he's the guy that works at our video store!
Here's me and the Sistas.  I didn't get the black-shirt memo.  Look how smiley we are!  We are pretending that none of the half-naked boys running behind us are ours.  

Well, that's what I was pretending, anyway.
I don't know why I love pictures of Hot Brandon reading to our boys...Joel is a bit distracted.  He's just not into ABC Dinosaurs, yet.
Hope your weekend was just as fun!


Adrienne said...

Excellent Photoshop skills on that last picture that so nicely highlights Aidan's blondeness. Good one.

Also, when reflecting on your reflections on the weekend, all I have to say is, "POLYORCHID SYNDROME."

:o) Love y'all.

BrooksFamily said...

It was awesome to see you and your SUPER FUN boys! I so can't wait for Josh to get home and us all to hang out!!! Love you guys.