Friday, April 11, 2008

I Also Know "Estomago" and "Vesicula"

Look!  I figured out how to post from You-Tube.  This is not going to be good...

I watched this a couple of times and just laughed.  Laughed and remembered my 2 weeks in Mexico as part of nursing school (yes, we got graded on going to San Miguel and shopping.  It was a "cultural experience".  I learned a lot about being a nurse on that trip...Sure.)  I managed to come home with poco medical Spanish language skills.

Funny story (okay, funny may be stretching it a little).  I was a pretty good student in high school.  I coasted with As and a few Bs without actually having to try very hard.  I was not a big fan of "challenging myself", so I stuck to pretty basic classes, and  tried not to actually attend classes everyday.  My post-high-school plans were already set in stone (see previous post).  But I decided to take Spanish as my "2 years of foreign language" requirement.  And honey, I almost did not GRADUATE because I almost failed Spanish 2 (a sophomore level class) when I took it my senior year.  I ended up with a C plus, I think.  I can say "Donde esta el bano" with the best of 'em. 

I sympathize a bit with poor Mike here.