Saturday, April 5, 2008

Baby Zane

Check out the new nephew!  Baby Zane Cooper Sloan was born this morning weighing in 6 pounds, 12 ounces.  He's so cute!  Haven't gotten to see him yet, but I hear he has cute curly hair.  He gets that from his mommy, his MoMo, and his cousin Aidan.  Straight hair never had a chance.  Congrats to my brother John and Brandy on the new screamin' kid.  (There's some more pictures of him on Brandy's blog).  I hope you enjoyed sleep.  You'll never get it again.
Also, a few things you have to look forward to as new parents, that the books really don't tell you much about:

1.  Getting excited about 4 hours of sleep in a row.  It's amazing how well we as parents manage to bumble through those first few weeks in the sleep deprived haze.

2.  Having the opportunity to pack up bottles, formula, pacifiers, blankets, extra clothes, diapers, wipes, and toys every time you leave the house.  For the next several years.  And that's just to go to the grocery store.  I dare you to go out of town.

3.  Related to #2, being late EVERYWHERE for the next month or so.  And not just a little late.  I'm talkin' 45 minutes late to church.

4.  Projectile vomit.  Sometimes in your mouth.

5.  After the first month or so, never seeing a movie in the movie theater ever again.  Brandon and I actually attempted the movie theater when Dane was about 10 months old, thinking "he'll just sleep right through it.  It is, after all, past his bedtime".  It was a very romantic evening spent watching the movie alone while Brandon walked our screaming child around the movie theater lobby for an hour and a half.  (I had PAID for this movie, and I was going to WATCH it.)

6.  Knowing Nick-At-Night's entire line-up from 1am-5am.  And letting the baby cry for an extra 5 minutes so you can catch Three's Company right when it starts.

7.  Having a sort-of good excuse for not having the house clean.

8.  Getting excited about going back to work and having actual conversations with actual people, becuase all you have said for the past six weeks, is "Wow!  What a good burp!"  

9.  Somewhat related to #8, talking to people (who you just don't know well enough) about your child's bowel movements, because you have completely forgotten how to talk about anything intelligent.  You know, like American Idol.

10.  Understanding the love our God has for us and His sacrifice just a little bit more.