Monday, August 24, 2009

Interview with a Four Year Old

Happy Birthday Aidan Cooper!

It was this day exactly four years ago when I was blissfully being pumped full of morphine after having my abdomen cut open to deliver you, my 8 pound, 9 ounce screaming pink boy.  Your daddy held you for much of the day, and your big brother thought you were the coolest gift he's ever gotten.

In honor of your birthday, I thought I would conduct a little interview, to later remember a little slice of who you were at this point.

What can you do when you're 4 that you can't do when you're 3?  I got new hair and I get to wear the Hulk shoes.  (Translate:  He thinks he got a haircut last night and got to wear Dane's Hulk tennis shoes).

What was your favorite part about being 3?  Getting a new baby sister.  (This answer may or may not have been fed to him by his prodding mother.)

What's going to happen at your birthday party?  There's going to be 2 slides.  There's going to be lots of kids singing at my birthday party.  Lots of kids and babies and grownups and people and lots of butts.  (Actually, there will only be one water slide at the party.)

What's your favorite song?  Happy Birthday to you.  Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday to Aidan.  Happy birthday to you.  I want a Lego Indiana Jones cake.

Do you remember the hurricane?  The tree falled on our house then it got banged right up.  Then there's people came and all the fixer guys fixed it back up.  We lived at Uncle Tom's house.  

Tell me about your birthday.  I like the part where we ate cake.  I like the part where we opened the Policeman Legos.  And I liked the part where we cleaned up the Legos.  And I like the part when we're getting in our pajamas.

What is your favorite Bible story?  Jesus dying on the cross.  The knights with shiny armor put nails on his two hands and nails on his legs and Jesus died on the cross.  Then blood squirt out of his thumb and his foot.  Jesus was behind the stone, then Jesus was alive!  Then Jesus went up in heaven.  Then the disciples went to see him.   One of Jesus' disciples name is Peter.  He has a sword.  And the second part I like is baby Jesus.  Baby Jesus got borned, then Mary found baby Jesus, then she gently laid him in the manger.  The she picked Jesus up from the manger, then I like the part about the brave queen in the blue suit got the beautiful ring and she didn't like Jonah.  Jonah got ate by a big ole fish.  (Wow.  That's like 12 different stories intermingled.) 

I love you A-man!  I'm so excited to watch how much you grow and learn.  I think this year, with my big 4-year old, will be the best one yet!  Happy birthday big boy!


The Driskells said...

Happy Birthday Aiden! You sure keep your mom on her toes! Can't wait to see more of your personality and spunk evolve as you grow up!
: )

Anonymous said...

I blew the images up and could not help but notice that Aidan has no cuts, bruises, bumps, or "marks" on his face. Has he been sick? Has Dane been out of town? Did you sell your grill?

Adrienne said...

That was one fun-filled interview! I am very impressed by the "Bible story goulash" he created...just like his daddy, that one.