Friday, September 24, 2010

Chinese Pajamas

I couldn't not post these pictures I took of our kids with their cousins, Joel and Uriah in the Chinese pajamas we brought for them.

When Brandon and I were in China, we had lots of time to shop in the area, and scout out the best deals we could find for these little embroidered silk pajamas for the kids, and I ended up getting them for about $5 per set. In retrospect, I wish I had bought a few more pairs.

Not that you can see the pajamas well, with six kids piled on top of each other as they are.
And if I thought it was tough getting a decent picture of four kids 6 and under, six kids 6 and under proved to be a whole new challenge.

Impossible, actually.
This time next year we will have another little cousin to add to the love seat. Brandon's sister, Adrienne is expecting a baby in February.
Maybe we'll let Harper hold the new baby in next year's picture.


Kristin said...

Love these photos! 40 toes! Ok, that was for the previous pics, cuz now there are 60 :-) Thanks for sharing the fun!

Adrienne said...

Ha ha ha-- Harper holding Baby Fike? NEXT year?! We shall see about that!! :O

I love the crazy cousin pictures-- especially the one where Harper is crushing everyone and Aidan is giving the cheesiest smile ever.