Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dane-o Bo-nane-o

Dear Dane,

This past month has been quite a doozy for you, sweet Dane-o. You just started first grade, Mom and Dad were gone for over two weeks, and when we got home we brought a new sister for you with us. You've been pretty great through all of it. You've had a couple of rough days at school, but overall you're doing really well. You are reading like a champ, and most days fly through your homework like it's nothing.

You've been the best biggest brother a mommy could ask for. You play a lot with Aidan, and are very sweet and helpful with Emerson and Harper. You love to push Emerson on the swings an play outside with Daddy and Aidan. You are loving playing DS and video games a little too much for this mommy, but you're very obedient when we tell you to turn it off.

You love to read Geronimo Stilton books over and over again, and have been known to get your hands on a new one and read it until the end, all in one day. You love to read them before bed, and you keep one in the van to read when we're running errands.

When I wander out of my bedroom in a sleepy pre-caffeinated stupor in the mornings, I see you, wide awake, fully dressed, teeth brushed, sometimes breakfast eaten. You're my morning person, you actually enjoy waking up to your alarm clock at 7am, when you're not up earlier than that on your own.

The other night Daddy was talking to you about a funeral he was going to, about how we rejoice because this wonderful lady was in heaven, spending forever with Jesus, and about how her family would all see her again one day. You asked, "When we're in heaven, are you still going to be older than me, or are we all the same age?" You have big plans for you and your Daddy to be best friends in heaven.

You have informed us that you want to be Davy Crockett for Halloween this year, and Daddy brought a coon skin cap home for you the other day from the costume store. You love to learn new things, about how things work, people from history, and how things got their name. The other night we found ourselves googling "how did strawberries get their name".

Last year, in kindergarten, you ran a mile in PE in just 18:47 . I was surprised at the time that my little 5 year old could even run a mile. I remember patting myself on the back, fairly confident that your mommy could beat you in a foot race.

Then you brought home this on Tuesday.

And all confidence? GONE.

I just hope you use your foot speed for good instead of evil.

I love you so much, Dane Christopher, and I am so proud of my biggest. I am so thankful for you, and I know that God has big things in store for you!

Love, Mommy


The Driskells said...

What a sweet letter! What a sweet boy! Print that up and put it in a scrapbook - it's a keeper!

Brand al Thor said...

This is her scrapbook (Mandy's not what we would call "crafty")...great job baby.

Ang Stoltzfus said...

such a SWEET post!! i had to choke back the tears! (& i've never even met dane! (YET!) =))))
the first pic of the boys reading in bed is FAB-U-LOUS!!!!

missing you much!

Anonymous said...
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