Friday, September 17, 2010

It's a Different World

(I’m still blogging about our day at the Chinese zoo...)

I noticed a few differences about the zoo here in China that I would never see in a zoo back home. Such as:

Baby white tigers in the petting zoo

Baby white tigers being held by my husband. Apparently, there are no lawyers in China.

Tons of elephants, and my daughter much more interested in the ice cream that she was eating.

Brandon trying to feed our Chinese daughter to the giraffe

Emerson realizing that the giraffe is an herbivore, and isn’t so interested in Chinese food.

Emerson ate shrimp fried rice from the zoo snack bar. Clearly we are dancing with danger by eating seafood from a zoo snack bar.

Speaking of weird things sold at the zoo, how about this super-creepy play mat for your scared-looking Chinese baby?

And the reason that we didn’t see any alligators at the zoo?

Yeah, not so much in American zoos.