Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello Fall, it's Lovely to See You

Fall in my neck of the woods officially arrived today, as I checked to find that the temperature this morning was a refreshing 57 degrees. Little known fact about me: I have an unhealthy obsession with I check it daily, more often sometimes, and I love to look at the monthly rainfall and daily averages and watch the storm systems in the Atlantic.

Yes, I am 100 years old.

I made an executive decision this morning to spend as much time as possible outside for the next three days, because according to my favorite website the temperature will be pushing 90 degrees again by Thursday. Boo for Texas in almost-October.

I loaded up 3 of the 4 and headed to our favorite park this morning, with a hidden agenda of getting some cute pictures of the girls.

Aidan politely informed me before we left the house this morning that he had no intention whatsoever of posing for any pictures at the park. There was too much playing to do.

This was the best I got of the distract-o sisters:

Unfortunately, my camera had its' own hidden agenda, and the freshly-charged battery decided to pooter out on me, which means a lot of my pictures this morning were flash-less.
And the term "pooter out"? Further evidence that I am indeed an 89 year old East Texas man trapped in a 32 year old woman's body.

I L-O-V-E Harper in this picture with her little boots.

After the picture taking portion of our morning at the park, I changed the girls and then we moved on to the playground where we threw mulch at the other kids.

Okay, that may have just been Harper.
We took a walk around the big pond at the park, and Aidan and Emerson held hands the entire time, protecting each other from the swarm of ducks that they were both terrified of.
Emerson was pretty excited to get so much attention from her older brother.

Fall, please stay a while. And kill the mosquitos soon, pretty please.


Adrienne said...

GREAT pictures! I can't believe how long Harper's hair is getting! And I love that in the last 3 shots, Aidan's face stays exactly the same despite Emerson's ever-changing expression! :)

Catherine said...

LOVE the pictures. Those boots are absolutely adorable! Emerson has the greatest expressions.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago a wise man told you to become a meteorologist.... But no.. You wouldn't listen..
Where did you get the boots??? Sleaze-Mart??? Stripper Depot???
In the last three pictures not only did Aidan's face not change, look at his feet.