Monday, September 20, 2010

One More China Post

At some point during our last few days in China, our entire group that was adopting through our agency, Holt, gathered together at the White Swan Hotel for "red couch" pictures. It's become something of a tradition when adopting from China to take your picture on one of the red couches at the White Swan. I'm not sure how or why this tradition developed. Usually they like to get all of the children in the group together for a big red couch picture, but with over 20 families in our group, we had to split into "province groups". Here's Emerson with the other kids from her province in China (Guangdong) who were adopted through Holt:

She's already got the "fake picture smile" mastered:

Emerson with her mommy and daddy, apparently a bit bitter about having to pose for more pictures:
After the red couch pictures, our entire group from Holt got together for a group shot. I'm amazed that we were just a group from one of many adoption agencies, there for a two week period to bring home our babies. We met some awesome families on our trip, and it's weird to think that we will never see most of them again.

Next up: Our attempts at taking pictures with all four of our children. At the same time.


Jerusha said...

What a beautiful family (and quite similar to mine)! Congrats on your newest daughter. I look forward to reading more of your blog.