Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Okay, I've been too busy to get these blogs out sooner. I apologize to Mandy's uncountable followers. Check back at the 12:00's for the next few days to get her latest updates.
- John (brother)

I know I’m a couple of days late with this post, but I wanted to share our Sunday in Guangzhou with both of the people reading this.

I’ve been waiting for several days to go visit the Pearl and Jade Markets here, to practice my well-honed bargaining skills on some of the locals, and of course our guide picked Sunday morning to go. I’d love to tell you that I skipped the shopping trip to go to church.

So I will.

I most certainly did not go to the 5-story shopping mall filled with tiny booths of traditional Chinese pearl and jade jewelry and pieces.

Where I did not get some great deals on some pretty things for friends and special jewelry to give to Emerson when she is older.

I would never send my newest daughter to church with Brandon while I sat in a little pearl shop, watching Chinese women string together bracelets made of pearls and jade beads that I hand selected.

After church/shopping, we all took a quick nap and then headed over to the White Swan Hotel for afternoon tea. I use the term “tea” very loosely, as it was a buffet of goodies that served as both lunch and dinner, and included treats such as chicken wings, fruit, fried rice, ice cream, and a chocolate fountain.

And in case any of you are worried about Emerson wasting away, have no fear. Girlfriend can eat, and she’s not going to let a little chocolate fountain intimidate her.

She’s also pretty fond of other desserts, as well.

After “tea”, we walked around the island for a bit,

Where we set our American minds at ease regarding the Communist Army. Brandon said we have nothing to be worried about if these are the sissy push ups the soldiers are practicing.

And I was convinced there had been a massacre when I saw all of these funeral flowers lined up on the sidewalk. As it turns out, they were there for a restaurant opening.

We weren’t hungry for a big meal after our tea, so Brandon settled for Saturday night’s Cantonese leftovers for dinner:

Hope your Sunday involved less pigeon heads than mine did!