Friday, September 10, 2010


Monday morning Brandon and I wandered around, killing time until they brought Emerson to our room that afternoon, when we stumbled into a shop called Judy’s.

Judy insisted that she give us good price for anything we wanted in the store, and gave us her price list for laundry services. The shop owners are very friendly here, and they know that all of the white people on the island are adoptive parents, so they always ask where your baby is from, how old your baby is, and how long you were going to be in town. Since Emerson is from a city about an hour from here, we are spending more time in Guangzhou than most families are. Judy invited us to the bi-lingual Christian Church on the island (like I said, they cater to the adoptive families here), and that got us to talking.

She found out that we were Christians, and she spent the next 10 minutes or so speaking very enthusiastically about her faith. She told us that she had been a Christian for 5 years, that a man named Steven had come to China from Texas and taught her about God. She showed us her bi-lingual Bible that she had with her right there in the shop. She spoke of the peace and hope that God has given her, and of her sadness that her parents were Buddhists. We prayed with her right there in her shop, for her family. Leave it to Brandon and me, in a country of half a billion Buddhists, to find a Chinese lady named Judy whose life had been changed thanks to a missionary from Texas.


Karen said...

Oh my word!! That is a cool story!! Yep, leave it to a missionary from Texas. God bless Judy!! =)

Catherine said...


~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

This made me get all emotional! God is good!