Monday, September 13, 2010

Only in China

...will you eat at a Thai food restaurant, while your three year old Chinese daughter shovels noodles with her chopsticks, and Merle Haggard country songs play in the background.

...will your daughter line up to use the slide at the playground right after the kid in the splitty pants. Ewwww.

...will your van share the road with buses, bicycles, mopeds, electric scooters, pedestrians, and small animals.

Everyone survives, though I have little hope for this dude on the loaded down bike riding into traffic while texting on his cell phone.

...will you buy what you think is dried fruit at the 7-11,

only to later discover that should have “pay attention to the bran new taste is popular, The dainty cyclone is coming.

This is an experience like none other that I will ever have, but I’m still a little homesick for school projects, Peyton Manning, and Mexican food. And three sweet kids named Dane, Aidan, and Harper.


Candice said...

Ok, what is the deal with the splitty pants?? Those are a laugh on a Monday morning!